Charges: Man from Sugar Land, TX was accused of Driving while Intoxicated

Case Result: Was found not guilty on DWI charges

Charges: A juvenile from Houston, Texas was accused of Drug charges

Case Result: Was found not guilty on Drug charges

Charges: Man from Conroe, TX was accused of Domestic Violence charges

Case Result: Was found not guilty of all charges


Our unique experience enables us to handle cases differently, and be able to predict the opposing prosecutors game plan. Everything we do, revolves around getting amazing results for our clients. If you’re accused of a crime, we offer a risk free consultation so you can understand what you’re being accused of doing, what are the possible punishments – and how we think we can help you. Our Houston, TX criminal law office offers a flexible payment plan, so money is not an issue when trying to hire us. We are passionate about helping anyone, and everyone, accused of a crime. If you are facing jail, we can help – just contact us today.


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