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Louis Latimer

Latimer Law Firm in Houston, TX is a premier criminal defense law firm based. Our criminal defense law firm was founded by Louis Latimer, who understands how deeply a criminal accusation can impact your future. He empathizes with what you’re going through – and believes in providing the best possible defense.

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With over 20 years of experience, Louis has seen virtually every type of case. Over 99% of cases he handles end in a positive outcome. Your future is important – and protecting it, begins with hiring Latimer Law Firm. Send a message with your contact information & details of your case for a free case review today.

Latimer Law Firm

Our unique experience enables us to handle cases differently, and be able to predict the opposing prosecutors game plan. Everything we do, revolves around getting amazing results for our clients. If you’re accused of a crime, we offer a risk free consultation so you can understand what you’re being accused of doing, what are the possible punishments – and how we think we can help you. Our Houston, TX criminal law office offers a flexible payment plan, so money is not an issue when trying to hire us. We are passionate about helping anyone, and everyone, accused of a crime. If you are facing jail, we can help – just contact us today.

Our trusted, criminal lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience helping many clients all over the state of Texas and surrounding areas. We have a convenient location in Houston, Texas just minutes away from the Galleria Mall and we have partner attorneys all over the country – who work with us to help clients win their case. Many attorneys refer us clients because they trust in our ability to help clients get the outcomes they – and their family members – need and deserve. When you choose Latimer Law Firm, you can trust that we will fight diligently for your case.

We tailor the approach for each case. We work with our clients to help them understand what they are facing – in order to prepare them for all the possible outcomes. Our #1 objective is to get all charges dismissed, or significantly reduced – so you aren’t impacted. Regardless of the complexity of your case – we can help you. If you are charged with a violation, misdemeanor, or felony charge we will invest our blood, sweat and tears into your case. We will never judge you for the choices you have made. We will be there when no else is, and we will do everything in our power to get you out of this situation unscathed. Schedule a commitment-free consultation today!

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